Leaky shower was an easy fix

For a long time my shower head was leaking.

I couldn’t get to the root of the problem. I am not an experienced plumber in any way however. I basically did some cleaning, youtube videos, and asked google. I gave up the pretty spoon. I then threw in the towel and called a local plumber. I don’t know why I procrastinated on this so hard. Having a plumber resolve this issue was so nice. I was able to do some work, workout, and enjoy myself without worrying about a plumbing repair. The issue was the gut of the shower, the controls. The metal part inside of the wall was apparently at fault. So I made sure to order a new part and the plumber came back again. He had to chip away some tile in order to put in the new part. He also had to cut some PEX piping and reconfigure it. He had to go under the house and work away inside my small shower. I felt bad for the guy but was relieved when the job was over. Everything was all cleaned up and squared away. I now don’t have a leaky shower and it only costs me a few hundred bucks to have it fixed. I am really glad that there are people skilled in this department. I have saved the guy’s number in case the shower leaks again. The guy told me that the part for this particular kind of shower could be prone to failure. In that case we will need to completely change what is inside my shower to fix it. That is for later though.

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