HVAC tech thought I had a baby; it’s a cat

I’m the type of person who is entirely never going to have children.

I am not sure if I can.

Personally, I think that this world is too messed up to bring another human life into it. However, I have an intense desire to take care of other beings. This means, I collect a lot of critters that are in dire situations. I am the sort of person who will bottle feed a kitten for 6 weeks or use an eyedropper to dentist a baby bird back to health. Most recently, I found myself taking care of an adorable puppy who has a special neurological disorder. His name is Archie plus he doesn’t have any muscle coordination. This means he has a lot of special needs like a baby. Recently, he even tricked my heating plus cooling company into thinking that I had produced my own child. When my normal HVAC company arrived at the house, he seemed a little bit worried about the crib in the corner of my home office. I showed my air quality control specialist to my control unit plus a/c, as usual. However, the entire time my heating plus cooling worker was eyeballing the children’s containment system in the corner. After he had reasonablely repaired my a/c plus Ice Cold Air was flowing through every vent again, my HVAC company finally asked the question that had been on his mind. “Can I see your baby?” When I brought him over to the crib my heating plus cooling company burst out laughing. Apparently, the A/C repairman wasn’t expecting to see a super fluffy dog lying in the children’s playpen.



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