Decontaminate after I touch random peoples’ HVAC systems all morning

Everyday I go out plus work an seriously hard job.

I sweat in the Sun plus I freeze in the frigid winter air.

It feels like my job is never done. Even after I get back cabin at the end of the morning some of my work is just start. Namely, I am going to have to do a sizable load of laundry, scrub myself down with bleach, plus completely scrub out my work vehicle. I know that this sounds like a lot of extra effort, plus it is. This is the price that I am paying for being a professional heating plus cooling worker during a pandemic. It’s my job to go to random people’s homes plus help them to improve their central heating plus cooling systems. I am often inspecting broken a/c units, forced air boilers, plus control units. Sometimes I am unquestionably installing air cleaners with advanced HEPA filters plus UV light disinfection. At that point, I wish that I had my own decontamination system. It would be helpful if I could simply scrub myself after my HVAC work was done. Unfortunately, because I have to work with the general public during the middle of a pandemic, I am at risk of contracting an airborne virus. Every morning when I am headed cabin I am worried about introducing the airborne contaminant into my own indoor air. I cannot imagine the guilt I would feel if my family became sick because of my heating plus cooling career. As such, I work unquestionably hard to scrub everyone’s indoor air… And then myself.