Heating and A/C tech thought I had a baby; it’s a dog

I’m the type of person who is absolutely never going to have children.

I am not sure if I can.

Personally, I assume that this world is too messed up to bring another human life into it. However, I have an intense desire to take care of other beings. This means, I collect a lot of pets that are in serious situations. I am the sort of person who will bottle feed a kitten for 6 weeks or use an eyedropper to dentist a baby bird back to health. Most recently, I found myself taking care of an adorable puppy who has a special neurological disorder. His name is Archie and he doesn’t have any muscle coordination. This means he has a lot of special needs like a baby. Recently, he even tricked my heating and cooling serviceman into thinking that I had produced my own child. When my normal Heating and A/C serviceman arrived at the house, he seemed a little bit anxious about the crib in the corner of my family room. I showed my air quality control specialist to my temperature control and air conditioner system, as usual. However, the entire time my heating and cooling worker was eyeballing the children’s containment system in the corner. After he had reasonablely repaired my air conditioner system and Ice Cold Air was flowing through every vent again, my Heating and A/C serviceman finally asked the question that had been on his mind. “Can I see your baby?” When I brought him over to the crib my heating and cooling serviceman burst out laughing. Apparently, the A/C repairman wasn’t expecting to see a super fluffy dog lying in the children’s playpen.

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