I schedule HVAC repairs when my daughters aren’t home

I know that I can be a bit of an overprotective parent.

I have been hearing this my entire life.

Even when I was a little kid and I took care of animals… I’m told that it was overboard. I would sometimes lie awake with baby birds to make sure that they were going to make it. As an adult, I’ve treated my pets the same way. When I had my own children, my entire family joked that I was never going to sleep again. To be fair, I have figured out how to sleep at night. However, I do have an advanced security system installed in my house so that I can keep an eye on everybody at all times. Recently, I also decided to upgrade our indoor air handling device to be equally high tech. I had one concern when I was arranging the professional heating and cooling appointment, though. I needed to make sure that my daughters were out of the house when the central heating and cooling specialist arrived. This might sound insane, but I don’t need any muscle-bound tradesmen influencing my daughters. When I was setting out the professional heating and cooling appointment, I made sure it would be a day when my daughters were out of the house. That way, we could walk around and look at the air conditioning unit, forced air furnace, insulation, and air ducts without the distraction of two barely clothed teenagers prancing around. Lord knows, they would be in love with the HVAC technicians at first sight. Sometimes I worry that being an overprotective helicopter parent has the opposite effect I was hoping for.

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