The air conditioner in my vehicle is not working very well

City living is not for me, i have lived in the inner city now for about four years, and I cannot wait to move; The only reason that I am here is because of my task.

I have a contract for five years with the corporation that I am working with.

Once the five years is up, I can transfer to a different location. I have already picked my next location, and it is in a much smaller city. I will be able to have a home more out in the country but still be able to drive to work in about fifteen minutes. I cannot wait for those days. I literally only live about five minutes from work right now, but it takes me almost an hour to get to work. It is so aggravating. I just observed that the air conditioner in my vehicle is not working very well again which makes standing in traffic for fifty-five minutes awful. The same thing happened to me last summer. The air conditioner just stopped blowing freezing air. It was still blowing cooler air than the hot and cold temperatures outside, but it was not as freezing as it should be. It is the same way now, and last summer, I charged my air conditioner, and it solved the issue, and well, it temporarily solved the issue. Obviously, I must have a leak in one of my air conditioner lines. I undoubtedly do not want to spend the money on a mechanic right now, so I have decided to just charge it again and see if that works. I am undoubtedly hoping that it does because fixing anything Heating and Air Conditioning in a vehicle is quite luxurious.


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