How do I get to the heater?

When I graduated from high university, I decided to follow my parents’ advice and learn a trade, however so I signed up at a trade university to learn the Heating, Ventilation and air conditioning trade, but the training was intense, lasting six months! Upon completion, I was hired by an experienced HVAC specialist and earned lots of experience in electrical, heating, cooling, and ventilation systems; After a few years, I decided to labor for myself.

After a bit of advertising, I was called on my first appointment to service a boiler in an outdated farmhouse.

The elderly woman explained that her gas boiler wasn’t working and showed me how to get to her basement. As I went down the stairs, I could hardly suppose my eyup. There was so much junk in the basement that I unquestionably froze in locale for a few seconds while trying to take it all in. There were boxes and bags piled on top of one another, tables, chairs, Christmas decorations, garden hoses, toys and mattresses… I wondered how I was going to find the heater, much less service it. I finally could see where the pipes and ductwork were poking out of the debris and climbed over the piles of items to get there. The first thing I did was to substitute the air filter, which was unquestionably dirty, but next I checked the electronic ignition system and realized that ignitor was bad. After replacing it with a new one, I was able to ignite the burner and waited long enough to check that the pilot stayed lit. The last thing that I had to accomplish was to find a way back to the stairs, which turned out to be the most challenging part of the entire service call.