Space heater keeps popping breaker

I am one of those people who is always cold.

No matter where I go, I am cold.

Also, because I live alone, I always go to one of my relative’s houses over the holidays. I try to go to a different destination every year. I have relatives all over the country and doing this affords me a chance to see the country while only paying for my own airfare. It is a win win. However, because I am always cold I pack a very small space heater with me on my travels. I learned to do this several years ago. It just makes life easier. Instead of asking my hosts to adjust the thermostat. I just plug in my little heater and am comfortable while I sleep. During the day, I just wear warm clothes and use those disposable hand and foot warmers. Anyway, I was visiting my second uncle last week and I was super glad I had brought the space heater. His house was colder than average. I was so cold that I decided to head to bed early just so I could plug in the space heater and warm up a bit. About 5 minutes after doing this my space heater turned back off. Half the lights in the house turned off too. I guess I popped a breaker. My uncle fixed the breaker in the house and I moved the heater to a different outlet. Then the same thing happened. I felt guilty at that point. I could hear my uncle outside of the room fixing the breakers and muttering about it. I don’t think he knew I had the heater but I decided not to use it again. Instead, I just asked to turn the thermostat up a few degrees.

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