Aunt won’t turn off A/C

When we went to visit my aunt over the holidays I couldn’t help but notice that it got colder and colder the further north we drove.

  • I became very grateful that I had packed up my winter jacket.

I needed it during the drive. The heater doesn’t work in our car. Normally, this isn’t a problem. However, the closer we got to our destination, the colder we became. We both started really looking forward to getting to my aunt’s house and warming up with the heater. However, when we got to the house it was freezing cold inside. My aunt actually had the air conditioner on! I couldn’t believe it. It was 60 degrees outside and even colder than that inside. She gave no explanation. I mean, she had been cooking all day so maybe she was warm but we sure weren’t. We aren’t used to the northern temperatures. Certainly not when the air conditioner is on. My boyfriend and I stayed all bundled up in our heavy jackets and gave every indication that we were freezing cold. Still, the air conditioner stayed on all evening. Finally, it was time to go to bed but there were only two blankets on the bed. So I asked my aunt if there was a space heater we could use. She seemed genuinely confused as to how we could possibly be cold. Still, she found a space heater and some more blankets for us. But that central air conditioner was never turned off throughout our entire trip. I don’t think we will be visiting my aunt again anytime soon.

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