Opening a dealer and the Heating and A/C provider providing awful service

My family has been in the food dealer for several years, and my fantastic great Grandpa opened a small bakery in the city and his dealer flourished, then he gave low prices however gave his customers a lot for the money.

  • He was never stingy when it came to his prices and quality of food! This is why his dealer continues to stay around and continue to grow.

There is now a total of four of his stores in a twenty-five mile radius! Each of the stores need to be updated. That was the game plan for this year. My family hired local electricians, plumbers and Heating and A/C providers to do the work, and our family is big supporters of local suppliers because that is how our family’s bakery company started out. My fantastic friend and I went with two Heating and A/C providers to do the service on our Heating and A/C system and air duct. The one Heating and A/C company did an amazing job. The company consistently gave us updates, cleaned up after themselves when their labor was done each day and truly put quality time and effort into it, but whereas the second Heating and A/C company my associate and I hired, you could hear them throwing things around, talking inappropriate, leaving dirt on the bakery floor from their shoes, and they installed our air duct completely wrong. There were so several gaps in the stretchy air duct that would have lossed us so much energy and money. My fantastic friend and I should have learn the reviews on the Heating and A/C company first before my associate and I decided to go with them; Now my associate and I know to do some research before my associate and I have any labor done with the bakeries.


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