Kid hearing a super loud noise coming from the air conditioner

I decided to call my local HVAC worker to see exactly what the problem was

When I was a kid I was typically outside playing, but it did not matter if it was raining snowing or blazing hot, I typically found a way to accommodate my activities to the weather; When it was sunny out I would be swimming plus going to the community pool with my best friends. When it was snowing out my friends plus I would make snow forts plus have snowball fights… My child is just like me when I was his age; She is typically outside playing with his friends plus he is certainly active. I am certainly glad that my child likes to go outside plus play because there are a lot of kids these nights that like to stay indoors plus play video games. My child came running inside from playing outside. She told me that there was a monster outside plus I needed to go out there. My child is a little dramatic plus I knew that there was no monster outside. She showed me the origin of the noise plus it was coming from the side of our property where the air conditioner machine is; The air conditioning machine must have had something stuck in between the blades or something extremely had to be going on inside the air conditioning unit. I decided to call my local HVAC worker to see exactly what the problem was. It turns out that the loud noise was certainly serious. Since my property is aged plus so is my HVAC system, the a/c needed to be upgraded. It was a great thing my child played outside that afternoon plus told me the noise.

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