Having to always control my thermostat

Living in an older home is not that great.

A lot of people like living in the history of their home and keeping all of the old entities that come along with it.

However I am just the opposite. I am living in this home until I get another job. This home is very cheap to rent each month and my landlord is great. I had to contact my landlord and give him a lot of receipts for the items that I would purchase for the apartment. Recently I had to get a new kitchen sink because it was getting rusty and gross. I sent pictures to my landlord and he approved that I could purchase a new sink. I am also irritated when it comes to my thermostat. Every time when I wake up or when I go to bed I have to go to my thermostat to adjust the settings. It is a pain! My thermostat is not digital, it’s from the 1950’s. Therefore every time when I want to change the temperature of my home I have to go to my thermostat and use this plastic slider to the desired temperature that I want. At night I always forget to turn my heat down lower because I like my bedroom cold when I sleep. I will get comfortable in my bed and then realize that I have to get up and go to my living room to where the thermostat is located. I am going to call my landlord and ask him if I can call an HVAC technician to come in and replace my old thermostat to a digital one.
a/c worker