I wasn't prepared for the breakdown

I’ve had an heater that has been working well for quite a while so when it broke down on me last night I was certainly surprised.

I still remember it like it was yeahterday, because it was yeahterday.

Anyways, last night I was having a great time sleeping in bed. It was one of the first days plus quite a while that I was getting a certainly great night of sleep. I suffer from insomnia so I wake up frequently in the middle of the night. So I wasn’t too happy when my wifey woke me up telling me that she was ice cold, I was certainly frustrated plus told her to just turn on the heater. She told me that she had already tried although she wasn’t able to get it to come on. She said it wasn’t working. I was only getting further away plus figured that she certainly just did something wrong or didn’t see something because it was dark, however with good reluctance I got up plus went over to the thermostat to try to turn the heater on myself. I must have pressed every button on there no matter what I did I couldn’t get it to work either. I went back to my wifey equipped with some extra blankets, plus told her that our heater was down plus that we would have to call our heating plus A/C business in the afternoon. Neither of us are certainly happy about having to spend the money to have the heater repaired! Especially when this heater was certainly new, it was a gas heater, plus we had only had it for about 5 years up until this point it was working perfectly… My pal and I have consistently had it ran tests on in the world cared for so why was it splitting down all the sudden? Thankfully we were able to get it repaired.

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