Heating plus A/C repair program is a gem

It’s so weird how I tend to just immediately tune out when a store or repair wants to tell me about their latest offer, however in my brain, all I’m hearing is upsell so I tend to just tune out plus say no thanks.

I did just that last Springtime when I called to make the a/c tune up with the Heating plus A/C supplier, and the lady I spoke with at the Heating plus A/C supplier wanted to tell me about the Heating plus A/C repair plan they were offering; And just like I always do, I said no thanks plus hurried to hang up the cellphone, and but when I heard the words “it could save you cash”, I listened a little bit more to the lady from the Heating plus A/C supplier! Had she not been politely persistent, I would have missed out on a great deal when it comes to protecting my heating plus cooling equipment, however when my buddy and I bought this house, my buddy and I got the latest in residential Heating plus A/C along with all the Heating plus A/C technology that was available.

I have always believed in protecting my investments! So I have been diligent about getting heating repair in the fall followed by a/c tune ups in the Springtime. By joining the Heating plus A/C repair plan, I am getting added benefits because I don’t have to remember to schedule the Heating plus A/C repair, then on top of that, if I should ever have a breakdown during the Heating plus A/C repair plan, I only pay for the parts for any Heating plus A/C repair. That’s where the saving cash part genuinely does come into play. But I also genuinely care about the convenience of not having to worry about making the Heating plus A/C appointments any longer. I told the lady at the Heating plus A/C supplier that I genuinely appreciated her following up with me about the Heating plus A/C repair plan.

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