Duct sealing in the home

Summer will be here in no time and my pal and I will all be talking about how overheated it is outside.

But for now, keeping warm is the main focus as my pal and I are in the middle of a truly frosty winter.

Many people live separate from heat in their homes and it is not a fun thing to do, especially when the temps dip below chilly like my pal and I are having right now. Power rates have gone up a lot so having an efficient component is key to saving currency. This week my pal and I will talk about ducts and the process of getting them installed! Ductwork installation is an important aspect of a home’s heating, ventilation, and cooling system. It involves installing a network of ducts to distribute conditioned air throughout the home. Proper ductwork installation is crucial to ensure efficient and effective heating and cooling. To begin the installation process, the Heating plus A/C corporation will measure the size of the space and determine the necessary ductwork size. They will also choose the appropriate materials, such as sheet metal or stretchy ducts, based on the particular needs of the home! Next, the corporation will install the main duct that runs between the boiler and the air distribution system. This main duct is attached to smaller branch ducts that run to each room in the home. The branch ducts are then attached to vents or registers in each room to distribute the conditioned air. Proper sealing and insulation of the ductwork is also essential to prevent air leaks and improve energy efficiency. The corporation will use mastic sealant and insulation wrap to ensure proper sealing and insulation of the ducts. Finally, the corporation will test the ductwork system to ensure it is functioning correctly and providing the desired level of heating and cooling.

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