Top notch A/C for the living room; if only they saw the home office

It can be rather shocking working in the steakhouse industry.

  • I learned this the difficult way multiple years ago when I became a waiter at our local ice cream shop… Besides selling ice cream my pal and I also produced amazing cheeseburgers, moderate dogs, and corn dogs.

Unfortunately, I could never eat any of the food from this steakhouse because I knew about the conditions in the home office. Everything seems perfectly nice if you were sitting in the living room. There was abundant cooling system to keep the indoor air at a highly comfortable temperature! My associate and I did not want our customers to suffer from melting ice cream in oppressive heat to the moment that they bought a cone. Unfortunately, this thoughtfulness did not extend into the home office. My associate and I had absolutely no indoor air temperature control in the back of the house. In fact, it was consistently swelteringly moderate and humid in the environment where my pal and I created the food. I know that the owner of the company paid a lot of currency for advanced air quality control in the living room. He was consistently having heating and cooling professionals out to service and upgrade the a/c. However, he adamantly refused to do anything about the indoor air temperature in the back. Not only was this a safety hazard for all of the employees who desperately tried to avoid heat stroke while in their shift. However, it was also dangerous for the customers who expected that their food was being created in safe indoor air conditions. I wonder how multiple people wound up getting food poisoning from that refusal to purchase a single cooling system unit.

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