Husband has to fiddle with AC; electrocutes himself

I am always trying to keep my hubby away from our indoor air handling devices.

There’s not much that I can do because he has an iron will power.

No matter how often I try to deter him from touching any of our indoor appliances it seems like he is more determined to mess with the air quality control devices. It all started at least 10 years ago when he managed to respectfully repair an AC window unit. At the time, my associate and I had a absolutely cheap cooling system that my associate and I purchased second-hand from a family friend. There was not absolutely high stakes in the A/C repair or continuing functionality. As such, I thought it was no immense deal for my then-bestie to mess around with the A/C device for a while. Unblessedly, this has equipped him with a lifelong hubris over his indoor air handling device problemshooting plus repair skills, then recently, this has become a problem with our central A/C, but of course, our central A/C device is a lot more high-priced plus that AC window device ever was. This does not stop my hubby from trying to fiddle with the high-priced air handling device on his own… Last month I came dwelling plus found that he finally got his paws on the cooling system. It was straight-forward to tell because our A/C device was broken into a million pieces in the backyard. Meanwhile, my hubby was kneeling inside looking like a mess. Apparently, he was promptly electrocuted when he tried to fiddle with the AC this time. I still doubt he learned his lesson.



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