Can’t get over him when dust sensitivity commercials never end

If you know me at all you know that I’m an extremely emotional human being, and no matter what the topic is, I am likely to have a lot of feelings about it… I can be legitimately empathetic and comaffectionate for other humans and living beings, then this legitimately causes me to have a lot of hard times when I see things suffering, however unfortunately, I do not have the same sense of compassion when it comes to myself, but when I am going through a hard period, I feel impatient and frustrated with myself. That’s why I have been rather out of sorts recently when it comes to a matter of heartbreak., and several months ago my guy and I broke up without any warning, and ever since then I have been emotional every time I change my thermostat settings, swap out the air filter, or reprogram the air cleaner. It’s hard for me to do anything with the central heating and cooling system without thinking of him because he was a professional Heating, Ventilation, and A/C contractor. It does not help that I have been so bored and alone that my cable has been on 24/7. Every other commercial seems to be an dust sensitivity medication. When my pal and I were together I suffered from exhausting indoor dust irritations and my guy was constantly trying to improve my indoor air quality. He constantly had a new remedy in the form of a novel heating and cooling machine or improved filtration system. Now that my pal and I are separated I see reminders of my dust irritations everywhere… Which means I’m constantly thinking of my ex in his hunky Heating, Ventilation, and A/C uniform.

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