Nowhere to go, but nowhere to stay… AC breaks down

Things couldn’t be more difficult in my life right now.

Not only am I in between jobs and worried about the threat of my financial insecurity.

However, it seems like things keep going wrong around every corner recently. It was difficult enough when we were placed under this nationwide shelter in place order. Things have only gotten harder since the outdoor air temperature has warmed up for the summer season. I think we all have been experiencing mishaps with our central heating and cooling systems as we attempt to stay indoors 24/7 and rely on our central HVAC units to keep us alive and comfortable. I know that my energy bills have been climbing through the roof and I have been concerned about the wear and tear on my air conditioning system. Since the AC unit is never getting a break from my continual presence, I have been concerned about the longevity of my cooling system. It turns out, all of my concerns were for good reason. I arrived home after running some errands yesterday and found that the house was filled with hot and stagnant air. Clearly the air conditioning system was not working. When I tried to call my local heating and cooling company to request a professional repair service as soon as possible they informed me that all of their heating and cooling technicians were tied up. It was going to be two days before I could get any air conditioning in my house. That’s when I realized I had no where I could go for indoor air temperature control. I’m literally trapped in my house thanks to this viral pandemic and I don’t even feel good about the heating and cooling technician coming in to repair my AC.

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