Stressful being the HVAC iPhone operator

When I was growing up I consistently thought of seriously stressful jobs being in professional industries.

Of course, when you get specialized you have a lot of additional pressure on you. I consistently imagined that being a lawyer or healthcare worker was the hardest option of all. I could not imagine being in a circumstance where someone’s life was in my hands. Well, let me tell you that the line of work I wound up in is equally stressful. I don’t have anyone’s life in my hands, but they sure make it seem that way sometimes. Working in the heating plus cooling industry, it turns out that people can be a tad dramatic. When I first took this job as the iPhone operator plus dispatcher for my local HVAC repair shop, I never thought it would be difficult. They told me I would answer the iPhone, take the HVAC customer information, plus schedule the heating & cooling repair with one of our professional HVAC companys. That sounded easy enough to me. What nobody ever told me was how aggravated our shoppers would be. When somebody has an air quality control failure, obviously they start to lose their mind. People call me morning in plus morning out crying, yelling, plus begging for help with their central heating plus cooling system. I do my best to get all of the information about their a/c plus heating system. However, it can be hard through all of the tears plus aggravated. Many times, I feel more like a psychiatrist this week on a heating plus cooling repair shop dispatcher. I know that the HVAC companys have a hard job once they arrive on the scene. I will consistently enjoy my heating plus cooling specialists after this experience.
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