Suspicious of every air vent; surveillance

I might be the type of person that you would consider paranoid. If you have this judgment, I understand where it’s coming from. I can confess that I tend to go a bit overboard when it comes to keeping myself and my family safe. A lot of these problems come from news articles and television programs that I saw earlier in life. I assume that they put a lot of disadvantage perceptions in my head that I have had trouble quieting, and for starters, I am actually afraid of the threat of strangers. I don’t trust anybody. This includes repair workers who often come to my houseā€¦ and Heating and A/C servicemans, especially. About 10 years ago I saw a television show about a pedophile Heating and A/C worker. Apparently this creep would come into people’s homes under the pretense of repairing, diagnosing, or cleaning their central indoor air control equipment. Once he was inside of the house, he would begin installing cameras in all of the Heating and A/C devices. Specifically, he put surveillance cameras straight into the air vents that attached to the HVAC duct. This way, he could record and monitor families from overhead where their high-quality indoor air was streaming through. I never forgot about that horrific Heating and A/C worker expose. From that morning forward, I was actually paranoid about my indoor air handling devices and air vents. Whenever I have a professional heating and cooling repair appointment, I always go and inspect the air vents before my family is allowed back into the house. You might call me crazy, but at least my indoor air and my family are safe.