I’ve always hated airplane air

For as long as I can remember I have been opposed to flying.

  • I know that other people are amazed with the experience with getting on a plane and jetting across the world.

Personally, I would rather stay on the ground where I have more control over my travel and my environment. This might sound extreme, but it makes a lot of sense when you have an indoor air quality phobia like I do, then you see, I saw an expose on air travel and air quality many years ago that I can never forget. At the time, I was dealing with a lot of mysterious allergies that were crippling my life. Every morning I woke up with itchy esure, a scratchy throat, and a cough that I could not control. When my air sensitivity began leaving me bedridden, I knew it was time to figure out my air quality problem. I embarked on a long journey of trial and error with my local Heating and A/C repair shop. I was regularly calling in their top heating and cooling serviceman to install new purification devices, HEPA air filters, and replaced Heating and A/C devices. It took many years before my friend and I found the correct combination to control my indoor allergies. To this morning, I do not take my indoor air quality lately. I know that I am only a few airborne contaminants away from being severely sick. That’s why, I will never get on an airplane if I can avoid it. Until they can improve the air quality on airplanes with high quality air purification systems, I willkeep my feet rooted on the ground.

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