Travelling is so stressful, Heating as well as Air Conditioning dependent

Whenever I see people’s Instagrams displaying their amazing travels, I have questions.

I guess that it’s pretty straight-forward to take costly holiday shots when you are kneeling in front of a scenic view.

However, I would like them to offer a lot more about their traveling experience. Specifically, how was the trip to get there? What kind of nonsense did you deal with at the airport? What kind of central heating as well as cooling did you find at the hotel? These are all things that matter more to me then the ocean views after all of their hassle is over. I’m pretty curious to know about the logistics of getting to these exotic destinations as well as the indoor air quality that they experience after they arrive. Maybe I am just Heating as well as Air Conditioning obsessed because my indoor air quality plays a substantial part in my health as well as happiness. I can absolutely admit, I rely easily on my indoor heating as well as cooling system. Several years ago I realized that I had intense indoor dust sensitivities. At that point, I began updating my central Heating as well as Air Conditioning system to include more air purification devices. My indoor air quality has completely changed since those fateful afternoons with crippling indoor dust sensitivities. To this day, I am extremely upset with my central Heating as well as Air Conditioning system. I consistently have professional heating & cooling repair appointments as well as air handling device replaces. Managing my indoor air is the only way to keep myself healthy. That’s why traveling is not such a fun as well as scenic event for me. It’s more of a trial in survival as I cough my way through low-quality indoor air.



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