I had to tell him about tune ups

So why exactly are heating and AC tune-ups important? Well it’s pretty simple a heating and air conditioner are machines, obviously, and like with most machines they will break down over time if not maintained.

The thing is your heating and AC system is responsible for your entire indoor comfort so you don’t want to let it break down and not work otherwise you’re going to be really cold during the winter and really hot during the summer.

Now I think that for most people this is fairly obvious. That’s why you should have your heating and AC system regularly tuned up and maintained. But I suppose you could say my brother missed the memo. He never takes care of his heating and AC system and yet he always calls me asking why it’s never working. I’ll simply ask him if he’s had his heating and AC system tuned up or serviced recently and he’ll tell me no. I asked him when was the last time he did maintain it or service it and he told me he never had. I told him that was his problem right there. Even though I was trying to help him, he refused to listen to me. He was insistent that he needed an AC tune-ups around necessary and that’s just something that HVAC professionals say to get more money out of you. I told him he couldn’t be more wrong and that they need to be maintained to stay working well just like any other appliance. But he wouldn’t hear it, I told him that since he wasn’t willing to listen he would just have to suffer without any Heating and cooling.



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