Apparently cat was used to a better HVAC system than I have

For many months I’ve been thinking about being an animal foster.

Since I’ve been at home during the entire quarantine, it seems like an easy way to give back.

I could bring a pet into my house and give it a clean and comfortable environment with lots of personalized care. This would be much better than keeping the poor thing stuck at the animal shelter in a cage. Or so I thought. It turns out, maybe the animal shelter is more luxurious than my house could be you. I never would have guessed that this was the case… Until I brought this cat into my house. The moment that Fluffy arrived inside of my home, she seemed a bit disappointed with the HVAC system. I noticed that she was unhappy with the indoor air temperature because she was constantly climbing under a pile of blankets or lounging in the sun. When I tried to increase the indoor air temperature, she seemed even unhappier. She would look at the air vents with a scowl on her face before running away and hiding in the closet, far from the reach of my air ducts. It sincerely seems like she was offended by my central heating and cooling system. I felt like my indoor air quality was not up to snuff for Fluffy. When I contacted the animal shelter and asked if she was always afraid of the central heating and cooling system, they told me she loves their indoor air handling devices. Apparently, they had several air purification systems and Fluffy would lie right in front of the air vents all day. Looks like she was better off at the shelter.

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