I have a coupon; taking advantage

You might say that I am a cheapskate.

I’ve heard it for most of my life, so I won’t be offended. I know that I tend to be a thrifty human being. However, I see it as being a good thing rather than a negative. One of the things that I completely enjoy saving money on is my home. I want to have a wonderful living area, but I can’t break the bank. That’s why, I’m always looking for ways to make cheap home improvements. Recently I was extremely excited when I found an amazing coupon for my favorite heating and cooling company up the street. They were offering 40% off of all routine heating and cooling repairs, maintenance appointments, and upgrades. I knew that I could do some damage with my indoor air quality equipment. I absolutely wanted to have my air conditioning system and forced air furnace inspected before the weather got more uncomfortable. I also knew that my air ducts needed a professional cleaning to remove all of the airborne contaminants. Lastly, I was pretty curious about installing a smart thermostat and potentially an air purification system. I figured, if I could roll all of these services into one bill and save 40% it would be well worth my money. With that level of savings, I could actually justify this high-quality indoor air project for the first time in 20 years. When the heating and cooling technician arrived and I gave him my laundry list of HVAC tasks, he didn’t seem as excited as I was.

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