My furnace needed a drastic cleaning

I was entirely not super sheltered as a child, so I have consistently wondered why I am so naive as well as gullible.

I recognize it is just my personality.

I do not tend to think things through which absolutely makes it tough for me to get things done in a timely manner. I plan so several things in a day, but I never absolutely take the time to consider how long those individual tasks will take me to do, so I do not end up finishing anything that I planned to finish in a day. My husband is a detail person, so he has helped me a lot. Cleaning was one of those things that I never thought about in detail. I cleaned the apparent things like the living room, powder room, living room, dining room, etc., but I never thought about things like the furnace as well as cooling system. The cooling system in our house was starting to smell a little bit last summer, so my husband asked me when the last time I had cleaned it was, as well as I was silent. I had never even thought about cleaning the cooling system. He was not surprised that I had never cleaned it, so he showed me how to scrub the filter which my associate and I ended up just replacing because it was so bad. The cooling system was nothing compared to the heater. Once my associate and I finished cleaning the cooling system, he asked if I had ever cleaned the heater, as well as again, my answer was “no.” My friend and I cleaned that together, as well as it took a few hours because it was so dirty. I now have cleaning the Heating & A/C units on my twice a year cleaning list.


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