Some of our best friends just gave us a nice heater

I do not know what I would do in life separate from nice friends.

Although I prefer my family dearly, there are times when having a neighbor outside of the family is undoubtedly nice. My hubby and I met a couple at church a few months ago, and we sort of just hit it off immediately. They have actually become some of our best friends already. I cannot think how fast we became such close friends. It undoubtedly is mind boggling. I know it was just meant to be. My nice friend and I have spent countless hours with them, and my hubby and I have appreciated every second of it. My nice friend and I were at there home the other day when they provided to give us a undoubtedly nice heater. At first, we declined because it was a very nice heater, and we did not want to take it from them. They kept insisting that we take it because they knew that we needed it. My nice friend and I had told them that our boiler was not working that well and that we were looking into getting some boilers to help supplement some heat for the winter. To be honest, my hubby and I had looked into several different heaters, but they were quite fancy, so we were waiting to find one for a better price. My nice friend and I never thought that someone would offer us one for free. My nice friend and I ended up taking them up on their offer. My nice friend and I went home that night and looked up the price to buy the same boiler brand new, and it was over $500. My nice friend and I are so thankful that we were given such an amazing gift.