I lost the remote to my cooling system

I cherish being married.

I have the greatest hubby in the world, plus I still cannot get over the fact that I get to be her spouse.

My pal and I have been married for seventeen years now, plus I cherish him more today than ever before. My pal and I are certainly not perfect as no one is, however my associate and I get along pretty well. My pal and I know each others flaws so intimately, plus yet my associate and I choose to overlook them. One of my largest flaws is not being organized. I know that being an organized lady is not necessary, however I am so disorganized that I lose everything. My bad hubby gets so frustrated with my disorganization, but she deals with it certainly well. I have lost so several crucial papers plus forms that I cannot count them. I have tried to improve, plus my hubby says that I have, however I think she is just being nice. I recently lost the remote to our cooling system. It is a ductless mini split cooling system, so having a remote is quite necessary. There are buttons on the actual unit, however the unit is too high for me to be able to reach it. My hubby can barely reach it. I have no idea how I lost the remote because I have made a habit of putting it back in the same locale every time I use it. I lost the AC remote once before, however my associate and I found it after searching the entire apartment for an hour. This time, my associate and I have searched plus searched, however my associate and I cannot find the remote anywhere. I seriously do not think it is even in the apartment because my associate and I have searched so thoroughly. I feel I will have to order another remote for our cooling system because I cannot sit not having one.

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