My furnace needed a serious cleaning

I was certainly not super sheltered as a child, so I have always wondered why I am so naive and gullible.

I guess it is just my personality.

I do not tend to think things through which really makes it hard for me to get things done in a timely manner. I plan so many things in a day, but I never really take the time to consider how long those individual tasks will take me to do, so I do not end up finishing anything that I planned to finish in a day. My husband is a detail person, so he has helped me a lot. Cleaning was one of those things that I never thought about in detail. I cleaned the obvious things like the kitchen, bathroom, living room, dining room, etc., but I never thought about things like the furnace and air conditioner. The air conditioner in our house was starting to smell a little bit last summer, so my husband asked me when the last time I had cleaned it was, and I was silent. I had never even thought about cleaning the air conditioner. He was not surprised that I had never cleaned it, so he showed me how to clean the filter which we ended up just replacing because it was so bad. The air conditioner was nothing compared to the furnace. Once we finished cleaning the air conditioner, he asked if I had ever cleaned the furnace, and again, my answer was “no.” We cleaned that together, and it took a few hours because it was so dirty. I now have cleaning the HVAC units on my twice a year cleaning list.


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