My New A/C System Meets My Entertaining Needs

I’m a natural-born entertainer; I love to host people in my home, feed them, and make them feel comfortable. One day, out of the blue, my air conditioning stopped working; lukewarm, humid air was blowing out of the vents, and no matter how low I turned the thermostat, the HVAC equipment just couldn’t cool down the air in the house. I called an HVAC technician, and when she arrived, she said, “It’s downright sticky in here!” She examined my cooling system, the furnace downstairs in the basement, all of my ducts, the vents, the return, and the air handler. She determined that I needed a full system replacement; even my furnace had taken a dive since the last time I used it. Luckily, my vents were intact. I was relieved! She provided numerous options for equipment, and didn’t try to oversell me on tonnage. The technician helped me make an informed decision about which HVAC equipment to purchase, and a few days later, she led a team of professionals into my home to fix my heating and cooling woes. Before she left, she inspected the entire heating and cooling system, and made sure everything was in working order. She even gave me a tutorial on my new thermostat, and didn’t leave until I had it down pat. A few months later, I hosted a huge party; I had more people in my house than ever before. I was worried that my new HVAC system would be overloaded, but the house stayed perfectly cool and dry throughout the entire party! One guest even noted that the new unit was quieter than my old one, and that it was less humid in my house than it was during the last party. My new HVAC system is perfect for my entertaining lifestyle!

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