Office Woes with our Air Conditioning System

I work for a local architecture firm, and our office is built in the mid-century modern style.

It’s one long building with a variety of offices down one central hallway.

Everyone who works here is spread out around the building, and our offices are our safe havens from the chaos of the outside world. I spend more time in my office than I do at home, so it’s important that my office is comfortable. Unfortunately, my office is next to a drafty exterior door, and has a leaky window. I find myself cranking down the thermostat every time I come in, so that I don’t sweat bullets while I’m trying to work. However, one of the architects down the hall doesn’t have any exterior doors or windows in his office, and he’s always walking by my office to turn up the temperature on the thermostat. “It’s freezing in here!” is the most frequent phrase I hear from him. Finally, I got sick of this back and forth, and I called out an HVAC technician to take a look at our air conditioning system. Since we had an old air conditioning unit that was still using freon, we decided to replace the whole HVAC unit. Our technician helped us choose a unit that would meet all of our heating and cooling needs, and even suggested a unit and thermostat with zoning capabilities. After a team of technicians came out to install the new HVAC equipment, our office is at the perfect temperature, and it’s running efficiently and effectively. My co-worker down the hall is thrilled that he doesn’t have to bring a sweater to work anymore. Our new air conditioning system with zoning capabilities allows everyone to customize their own workspace. We’re so happy that we replaced our cooling system!

Cooling specialist