Heat stopped working at Christmas party

When I used to live in the northeast, one of my friends hosted a Christmas party every year.

We would dress up in fancy Christmas clothes, have Christmas themed cocktails and food, and listen to Christmas music. It was always a highlight of the holiday season because Christmas is my favorite time of the year. The last winter before I moved to the south was extremely cold. My friend still decided to have her annual Christmas party despite the extremely cold weather. She figured that it would be totally fine since she has central heat in her home. I got ready for the party. I put on my favorite red dress and grabbed my coat. The walk from my house to the car was brutal. The cold wind blew on my skin and it actually hurt. I let the heat in my car warm up as I shivered. At this moment I was so thankful that my car has heated seats. I got to the party and I noticed everyone still had their coats on. This was weird to me because everyone usually likes to show off their fancy outfits. I noticed it felt freezing in my friend’s house. Usually when you walk inside after being in the bitter cold, the heat of someone’s home feels amazing and comforting. That sweet relief of central heat did not happen when I walked in. My friend apologized and said that her central heat stopped working out of nowhere right before the party started. We made the most out of the night. We cuddled under blankets with our coats on and drank hot chocolate.


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