A/C stopped working on Thanksgiving day

I decided to host Thanksgiving at my house for the first time ever last year.

I usually go to a family member’s home.

I am used to helping the host prepare the meal for Thanksgiving, but this was my first time being the actual host. I had twenty family members at my home. I live in the south and the weather in November can vary. It is typically nice and cool in November, but last year it happened to be a hot and humid day. I was not stressed about the weather, because I figured my smart thermostat would take care of the temperature for me to keep myself and my family comfortable. I was nervous on Thanksgiving day because it was my first time cooking a turkey. I thought I was sweating from the anxiety of hosting, but my husband also started sweating. We got nervous because our family was arriving any minute. We checked our smart thermostat, and it said that the house was cooling. However, it did not feel like the house was cooling at all. Our family arrived and I apologized to them for our air conditioning not working. I was so upset and I felt even hotter from the oven. I tried to open the windows and doors, but the humidity did not help the situation. One of my friends texted to see how Thanksgiving was going. I told her about the unfortunate air conditioning situation and she immediately invited my family and I over to her house because her central air conditioning was working perfectly.


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