Worst places for air conditioning to stop working

I personally have experienced many situations where the air conditioning abruptly stopped working in a place where it should have been working.

I have experienced the air conditioning not working in my own home, in restaurants, at a wedding, in the middle of an ultrasound while pregnant, and at a salon.

I live in the southeastern region of the country where the summers are extremely hot and humid, so air conditioning is necessary for indoor comfort. I decided to survey my friends and family who also live here to see what they thought would be the worst place possible for the air conditioning to stop working. My friends and family questioned why I was doing this survey, and I told them I was genuinely curious to hear their responses. After surveying several friends and family members about the worst place to have air conditioning stop working, I got a wide variety of responses. I will list the responses from the air conditioning survey from the most common to least common answer. The most common response was in your home on the hottest day of the year in the summer. I totally agree that it would be miserable for the air conditioning to stop working in your home on the hottest day of the summer where we live. Opening the windows is not an option to cool down in the summer here. The second most common answer was at work. I can also agree with this response because I have had this happen to me at work. There are several times the air conditioning stopped working in my classroom that has no windows. It was impossible to teach when I was overheated with no A/C.


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