HVAC technician did not show up to my house

I am not one who typically writes negative reviews for businesses.

I usually only leave five star reviews when I have had an amazing service.

I avoid writing negative reviews because I feel that they are not worth my energy or time. However, the experience I had with an HVAC company recently warranted the first one star review I have ever left. I spent a lot of money to have a new air conditioner unit installed in my home. I assumed that the HVAC company would be able to do this easily and efficiently, as they had a pretty decent rating on their website. Within a week of the install, I started having problems with my air conditioner unit. The air conditioner unit was blowing out warm air, no matter what I did. I called the HVAC company to ask if an HVAC technician could come out and check the issue. The HVAC technician, who was different from the person who did the install, claimed that the install was done incorrectly. The HVAC technician instructed me to call his manager, who would come out and fix the issue no charge. I called the manager and left a voicemail. Three days went by and he finally called me back. Keep in mind it was the summer, so I was very hot and uncomfortable those three days. The HVAC manager said he would come the next day to fix it. The HVAC manager never showed up. I called and he never responded. I left a negative, one star review and the HVAC company said they would be there the next day and even pay for my hotel for the time that they would be fixing the A/C unit.


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