Something was rattling in the AC.

I kept hearing something that sounded like rattling chains, coming from the air conditioning.

  • It was noticeable inside, but when outside standing by the AC unit, it was loud.

My partner called the HVAC company and told them about the noise. We had the air conditioning unit serviced about a month ago, and the noise had been getting progressively louder. I worried something had broken since the HVAC technician had been there, but I wasn’t prepared for what had actually happened. The HVAC technician was new, and he had accidentally broken one of the fan blades. The fan broke off the fan motor, and it was rattling around inside the AC unit. The HVAC technician asked if we had noticed the air conditioning being diminished. My partner admitted he didn’t spend a lot of time inside during the day. He was an avid gardener, and just looking around the outside of the house, proved how good he was. Before we got married, he did all the lawn art in our neighborhood, and was still working part time. He had gotten a job with a local landscaping company. I was only at the house when I was not working at the hospital. The HVAC technician told me we needed a new fan and fan motor, and he hoped the air conditioning unit didn’t need to be replaced. If it needed to be replaced, it was probably the fault of the HVAC technician, and the HVAC company would pay for all damages. My partner had talked about cleaning the air conditioning, and now I’m glad I talked him out of it. I couldn’t afford a new air conditioning unit right now, if he had messed it up.


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