It is possible to live without air conditioning if you plan ahead

My aunt used to say that failing to plan is the surest way to live a exhausting life.

I did not quite understand what he meant until I became an adult who lives alone and shoulders his responsibilities.

She felt as though my mom, his younger brother, cushioned us from the realities of life. To some extent, I agreed with his since mom could be overly protective if you are not strong-headed; Nevertheless, I insisted that I was going to live alone after graduating from high university. I got a small place that I shared with a few of my friends to reduce rental costs. My buddy and I got tasks at hotels and eating establishments for currency. The idea was to save up enough currency to start a small grocery company and become independent enough to go to university to pursue our dream courses! Little did I realize what I got myself into. The burden of living alone soon started taking a toll on my friends and me. My buddy and I hardly got by since everything seemed to be more overpriced than I imagined. Our biggest challenge was the air conditioning. The small garage space my friend and I rented would get too hot in summer, and the portable A/C the owner had given us was barely doing its task. The windows were not letting in enough air, so the space was stuffy, and the humidity levels were also high. After about two months, I returned home, where the air conditioning was not a challenge. Mum was happy to have me back, however my aunt was disappointed. She believed that my friend and I could survive with no A/C and a better plan to find an area with a regular heating and cooling system. It is essential to have an Heating, Ventilation, and A/C unit if you live in this area.


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