The AC worked so well my coffee was always cold.

My husband is an excellent HVAC technician, but when it comes to air conditioning, he goes a little overboard.

He doesn’t think it can be too cool in the house, and he thinks we need as much air movement as possible.

The air vent in the kitchen is pointed right at the dining room table. He has so much air movement in the kitchen, that my coffee was always cold. It would come out of the pot steaming, but within fifteen minutes, I had to put it in the microwave for 30 seconds. I was complaining about the airflow and told him he needed to turn the temperature up to seventy, and cut the airflow in half. I did a lot of cooking, but the oven didn’t put any extra heat into the kitchen. I was okay with a cold bedroom, but I wanted to cook in the summer without wearing a sweater. I was still wearing my winter bathrobe, and it was the end of June. He promised to work on the air conditioning when he got home. The next evening, he was in the backyard working on the air conditioning. I asked if he was going to fix the cold and airflow. He said he was going to clean the air conditioner, check for any problems, but after that, he was done. I could turn the fan speed down which would give us less airflow, but he liked it cooler. He wasn’t home ten hours a day. I decided to turn up the thermostat when he was gone, and turn it back down right before he got home.

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