Recovering for Covid impacts on the HVAC business

TThe covid 19 pandemics did not spare most industries, including the HVAC world where I work.

For the first few months, we got many orders as many people were stuck at home and could now focus on repairing their air conditioning units, while others wanted professional AC cleaning.

However, the residential tasks were very few and could not sustain us for the next tough months ahead. I had to lay off a few of my workers after the third month because there was nothing much to do. We do not get new assignments for both HVAC repairs and heating & cooling system installations. I had even contemplated shutting down the business before everything started picking again. This was a time I had to assess my business objectives and strategize as I discovered how dependent we were on commercial HVAC repairs and maintenance. When offices and businesses closed down, we almost closed shop. I planned to diversify when things returned to normal. I will be expanding my HVAC business to accommodate consultations, selling of units, and maintenance and repair services for both residential and commercial customers. This would shield my people and me from ever getting to the vulnerable stage that we were in. I have been able to reinstate most of the workers’ let go when covid hit, and we are slowly rebuilding the business back to its former glory. We are one of the few surviving companies that continue to hope others that it’s possible to come back strong. It is difficult not to appreciate the lessons from these hard times as a business.
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