My daughter Janie is getting married to an HVAC technician

My daughter Janie is going to be getting married to an HVAC technician later on this year and we are all really excited about it. We all really like the guy that she is engaged to, especially in light of the fact that she usually dates terrible guys that no one has ever liked. Nobody in the family has ever liked anyone that she has ever dated. Up until this point in our lives, we actually thought that she was going to end up with someone that we all hated and we were just going to have to deal with having him in our family whether we liked it or not. I am so glad that that did not happen. That would have made holidays and family vacations very difficult and uncomfortable for all of us, that’s for sure. This guy is just the best, though. He is super smart and friendly, and he knows how to fix all kinds of things around the house. Whenever we have issues with our heating and cooling system, he comes over to fix it for us right away. It’s not just the fact that he’s so good with the HVAC system that makes us like him, though. He’s just generally a really nice guy. He treats Janie really well and they seem to be very happy together. I’m so glad that she is finally going to end up with a really great guy like him. I hope that they will always be happy together. I know our HVAC system will be happy to have him in the family!