Hiding the certificates

We have two great sons who have constantly been honestly curious boys.

They’ve constantly loved playing hide as well as seek, as well as looking for hidden objects.

It’s constantly been a challenge to find hiding places for their birthday as well as Christmas presents, however when they were toddlers, my buddy and I could place them on the highest shelves of closets as well as cupboards, however but as they got older, my buddy and I had to find other locations. They genuinely found our hiding spots under beds as well as in dresser drawers. So my buddy and I turned to hiding presents in mislabeled boxes in the garage, under a pile of dirty laundry, inside suitcases, as well as finally – in a neighbor’s garage… Each of these locations was somewhat successful – until they caught on to them! But my buddy and I learned that presents should never be hid around the furnace, thanks to our HVAC company who had come to repair the furnace one day, then he told us numerous reasons why this is never a great idea! For one thing, there shouldn’t be clutter around the furnace, as HVAC systems require clearances as well as ventilation for efficient heating as well as cooling. Blocking the airflow shortens component life, as well as it’s recommended that there be at least two feet of space around the heating as well as cooling unit. Also, presents that are placed near a furnace are definitely a fire hazard. Naturally there is a certain amount of heat emitted from the furnace, as well as most wrapping paper is highly flammable. And with a gas-ignited furnace such as my buddy and I have, there is definitely a spark as well as flame that ignites the pilot light or burners, increasing the risk of a fire catching on the wrapping paper. Now that our sons are older, my buddy and I no longer need to hide their presents because all that they want are gift certificates!