Moving was frigid with no heater

My partner had the bright idea that my buddy and I would move ourselves from the south to the north.

I told him that my buddy and I were too aged for such nonsense although he wouldn’t hear of it. I guess he thought he had to prove to himself that he wasn’t entirely that old. So my buddy and I rented a 26 foot moving truck & a dolly. It took us a few afternoons to load up the truck, however by the time my buddy and I were done my buddy and I were both sleepy, achy, & grumpy. Then my buddy and I affixed our automobile so my buddy and I could tow it & my buddy and I headed north. It was only then that my buddy and I realized that the heater didn’t toil in our rental truck. At this point there was nothing my buddy and I could do about it. That first day of driving was very unpleasant. I was frigid frigid no matter how several blankets I took from the back. By the time my buddy and I stopped at a hotel my lips were red. Thankfully the hotel had a entirely great heating system. I noticed the warmth as soon as my buddy and I entered the lobby. Once my buddy and I checked in I cranked the heater up even higher in our room. By the time my buddy and I were done with supper I was half asleep already. The next two afternoons went by much the same. We would freeze with no heat while in the day then hot up with the hotel furnaces at night. The further north my buddy and I got, the colder it got. I was super ecstatic when my buddy and I finally arrived at our up-to-date house. I was even more ecstatic when the heater kicked on for us & started warming the house. I swear, I am never moving again.

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