My roommates are terrible

My roommates get on my nerves sometimes.

There are 5 of us renting this large property together. My associate and I all thought it would be better than the dorms because my pal and I could do things the way my pal and I wanted. Besides, my pal and I are all friends so what is the substantial deal? Well let me tell you, it is taxing to stay friends with people once you are residing with them. There were 6 of us but Benny backed out at the legitimately start. He was the smart one. The problem is that none of us can agree on anything. My associate and I have chore charts but nobody follows them. That wouldn’t be a problem if anyone bothered to clean up after themselves. Then there is the issue with the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system plus the temperature control. I like to be chilly freezing at evening. winter or Summer; it doesn’t matter. I want it freezing so that I can sleep at evening, but well, others in the property like it warm. My associate and I are too cheap to get zone control so my pal and I all just conflict over the temperature control all the time, and finally my pal and I decided to have a temperature control chart where my pal and I each get to control the temperature control on certains afternoons after that I are supposed to leave it alone when it is not our morning. Well that is going about & the chore chart is. Additionally, someone keeps burning incense near the intake vent so that all our rooms now odor terrible. That someone would be Mary. She can’t be bothered to clean. Instead, she just makes more of a stench trying to cover up the odors. I honestly need to leave this property plus I need to do so soon.

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