Moving was chilly with no heater

My fiance had the bright idea that my friend and I would transfer ourselves from the south to the north.

  • I told him that my friend and I were too seasoned for such nonsense however he wouldn’t hear of it.

I think he thought he had to prove to himself that he wasn’t actually that old. So my friend and I rented a 26 foot moving truck and a dolly. It took us a few days to load up the truck; By the time my friend and I were done my friend and I were both tired, achy, and grumpy. Then my friend and I attached our car so my friend and I could tow it and my friend and I headed north. It was only then that my friend and I realized that the boiler didn’t work in our rental truck. At this point there was nothing my friend and I could do about it. That first afternoon of driving was actually unpleasant. I was frigid chilly no matter how several blankets I took from the back. By the time my friend and I stopped at a hotel my lips were red. Thankfully the hotel had a actually enjoyable boiler. I noticed the warmth as soon as my friend and I entered the lobby. Once my friend and I inspected in I cranked the boiler up even higher in our room. By the time my friend and I were done with supper I was half asleep already. The next two days went by much the same. My enjoyable friend and I would freeze with no heat during the afternoon then sizzling up with the hotel boilers at evening. The further north my friend and I got, the colder it got. I was super glad when my friend and I finally arrived at our new house. I was even more glad when the boiler kicked on for us and started warming the house. I swear, I am never moving again.

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