Base housing plus Heating plus Air Conditioning systems.

Growing up, my father was in the Army so my pal and I moved around a lot, but it seemed like my pal and I never stayed in one locale for more than a year! Every base was peculiar plus so were the houses my pal and I lived in, however most of the time my pal and I just lived in base housing. It was easier that way, then some bases had nice houses, however other houses were infested with mold plus bugs plus falling apart, but another thing that I found interesting were the Heating plus Air Conditioning systems in all of the peculiar houses. Every single one of them had central heating plus cooling, but however, how well this heating plus cooling was a total crap shoot. Some houses had new Heating plus Air Conditioning systems that were well diagnosed plus worked well! Those were a rarity though. In most cases the Heating plus Air Conditioning systems were ancient, there was a lot of dust in the HVAC duct, plus they broke down from time to time. I remember this one condo where the boiler didn’t work. It only was lukewarm no matter how high you set the control unit. In another condo the air conditioning system broke down 6 times in just under 2 years. Each time it broke down my pal and I had to wait over a week before it was fixed. And then there were the control units. My friend and I had dial control device or analog control units plus no one was like the other. 76 degrees in one condo was a much peculiar temperature than 76 degrees in another house. I don’t know if that is because the control units weren’t calibrated or if it had to do with the design of the house.

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