Hotel room doesn’t have zone control

When planning our trip I booked a relatively cheap hotel, and it had good enough reviews, and besides, it was pet friendly plus my associate and I would be taking the family animal with us, then however, two afternoons before the trip I started to have second thoughts.

I was reading some of the setback reviews for the hotel plus got legitimately nervous; People talked of bed bugs plus PTAC systems that didn’t work… This area can get legitimately warm.

It is important that the air conditioner works in our hotel room; Cleanliness is also legitimately important, however so I decided to change our hotel at the last minute. I picked a hotel with much better reviews. The hotel also costs a bit more but I decided it was worth it. Besides, this new hotel was pet friendly too, and on the day of our trip my associate and I drove over 4 hours plus were cheerful to have finally made it to our destination. However, my associate and I then discovered that the entire hotel shares the same air conditioner. There was no control component in our room at all. There was just one large HVAC vent. The air conditioner was set to about 79 degrees evening plus day. This is colder than I like it. There was a small space heating system in the room but it wasn’t freezing enough to use it. I just wish the hotel had installed zone control so my associate and I could adjust the control component in our room. Oh well, at least it was clean! My pal and I did end up having a legitimately nice trip. The air conditioner was also legitimately quiet. So I don’t have much to complain about. However, I’m not sure I would stay at that hotel again if my associate and I ever go back to that area.

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