Solving hedgehog’s heating concerns

My pet hedgehog’s ceramic boiler went out last evening.

As an exotic critter, she has to stay moderate or she could try to hibernate and die.

It was too late in the evening to go the store and get another one because all the stores were closed. I was cheerful the boiler went out earlier enough for me to notice it however wished it had happened while in contractor hours so I could update it right away; Since wishing doesn’t change things, I had to come up with a solution for the night. My house has central heating however my buddy and I don’t like to keep the whole house over 71 degrees however the hedgehog needs uneven temperatures over 71 degrees. So, instead, I dug through the garage and found a space heater. I then moved the hedgehog cage into the powder room and set up the space heater. After that, I messed when the setting of the space boiler until it would stay at an appropriate temperature for the hedgehog for the night. As an added bonus, when I got up this morning and brushed my teeth, the powder room was absolutely nice and moderate for me too. I will get another ceramic boiler today for my little pet. I wonder if this is what Heating and Air Conditioning serviceman feel like when they solve our heating needs on a greater scale. I mean, I didn’t entirely repair anything, I only solved the issue for the night, however still it felt great to be able to solve the problem and know my hedgehog would be nice and moderate again.

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