Temperature extremes indoors with HVAC system

My friend.

Amber, likes to keep her house freezing in the summer and I don’t understand it. I know a lot of people do this but not me. If 60 degrees is too cold for the winter indoors then it is too cold for the summer indoors too. Just because it is hot outside does not mean that it needs to be freezing inside. When I go over to Amber’s house, I always bring a sweatshirt and wear my jeans. I can’t show up in my summer cloths or else I will freeze with her air conditioning system blasting away. Once I arrive, I sit as far from the vents as possible but it doesn’t really matter, I never hear the air conditioning unit kick off. It is like she has it cranked down as low as possible. And, in the winter, the reverse is true. Amber will keep her heater cranked up to over 85 degrees. I have to dress in layers and then strip down to shorts and a t-shirt once I get inside her house. I can only imagine what her utility bill must be like. If I bring up the temperature, Amber will say, “you know me, I’m always hot” or “I’m always cold” depending on the time of year. I would find this funny except for the fact that Amber is not the only person I know who runs their HVAC system like this. I’ve known quite a few over the years. Maybe I am the odd one who like to keep her house at 74 degrees year round.


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