Hurricane causes debris in outside HVAC component – no power

About two weeks ago a really exhausting storm hit my town harder than my pal and I could’ve ever expected.

The part I live in does experience quite a few hurricanes plus sometimes my pal and I hit harder than my pal and I are expected to.

This was one of those times when my pal and I just weren’t as prepared as my pal and I should’ve been for the hurricane that was coming our way. The weather channel also didn’t predict it to be quite as excruciating as it truly turned out to be. So my pal and I were quite shocked when my pal and I lost power during the middle of the storm. I knew right away that the heating cooling system was going to make it through this exhausting storm. My friend and I have the kind of heating plus cooling system that still has equipment outside the house. I know a lot of up-to-date extravagant equipment is all located inside the house, but that is not the case for hours. I had a feeling that once the storm was over plus my pal and I were able to look outside, my pal and I were going to be shocked because our HVAC system was not there… Well turns out after the storm was over my pal and I walked outside plus our heating plus cooling system was completely covered by tree branches. I knew right away that my pal and I were going to have to substitute the entire heating plus cooling system. So I made a mental note to call a local HVAC business the really next day so my pal and I could try to get this concern fixed as quickly as possible

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